ISPS Handa Vision Cup

vision cup


The ISPS Handa Vision Cup is the blind and visually-impaired golfers version of the Ryder Cup.

The event brings the best of the best from all over the world to represent Team World who will take on Team North America in a Ryder Cup Format. Team North America consists of the best players from Canada and the United States. Team World will bring the best players from England, Scotland, Israel, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Italy, and Australia.

This year will be the third addition of the Vision Cup. The inaugural addition was hosted in Columbus, Georgia in 2013 where Team World won the Vision Cup. The second addition was held in Milan, Italy in 2015 where Team World again retained the Cup. Team North America has yet to win the Vision Cup and hopes to do so for the first time this year on home soil.

The 2017 ISPS HANDA Vision Cup will take place July 19th-July 24, 2017 at the beautiful Creston Golf Club in Creston British Columbia, Canada.

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2017 ISPS HANDA Vision Cup Participants:

Captain Darren Douma
Vice Captains Ron Plath Oregon, USA & George Thirkill Langley, BC

B1 Golfers
Chad Nesmith Brentwood, Tennessee
Mario Tobia Mount Laural, New Jersey
Gerry Nelson Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Joe Furber Winnipeg, Manitoba

B2 Golfers
Ron Plath Lake Oswego, Oregon
Derek Kibblewhite Calgary, Alberta
Jeremy Poincenot Carlsbad, California
Darcy Furber Winnipeg, Manitoba

B3 Golfers
Tommy Marks Danville, Pennsylvania
Linda Port Rancho Santa Fe, California
Darren Douma Creston, British Columbia
Doug Penner Winnipeg, Manitoba

Captain Garrett Slattery South Africa
Vice-Captain John Eakin England

B1 Golfers
Zohar Sharon Israel
Stefano Palmeiri Italy
Kenji Goto Japan
Billy McAllister England

B2 Golfers
In Chan Cho South Korea
Andy Gilford England
Garrett Slattery South Africa
Toshio Karasawa Japan

B3 Golfers
John Eakin England
Cameron McDiarmid Scotland
Peter Osbourne England
Allister Reid Scotland

All event information and details can be located at: Select the “BLIND GOLF” tab and select “2017 ISPS HANDA Vision Cup”.